Handling of break-bulk cargo

Handling of break-bulk cargo

Range of handled break-bulk cargoes:

  • Steel scrap.
  • Peat briquettes.
  • Wooden chips and etc.
  • Gravel.

Provided services:

  • Discharging and loading of break-bulk cargoes from/to vessels with mobile harbor and gantry cranes as well as hydraulic material handlers.
  • Discharging and loading of break-bulk cargoes from/to rail wagons and motor vehicles with hydraulic material handlers and frontal wheel loaders.
  • Stuffing of break-bulk cargoes to ISO containers using hydraulic material handlers.
  • Storage of break-bulk cargoes in open yards (if requested, might be stored in the covered warehouses).
  • Pressing of metal scrap inside of vessels with tracked tractors.
  • Weighing with electronic railway and lorry scales.

Technical equipment and infrastructure:

  • Mobile harbor crane LIEBHERR of 104 tons lifting capacity - 1 unit.
  • Gantry cranes KOHE/CERUTTI up to 30 t lifting capacity - 9 units.
  • Hydraulic material handlers FUCHS - 3 units.
  • Frontal wheel loaders CASE - 2 units.
  • Terminal tractors TERBERG/KALMAR - 4 units.
  • Tracked tractors - 3 units.
  • Caterpillar CAT - 1 unit.
  • Open storage sites with covering of concrete blocks.