Infrastructure and Facilities

Infrastructure and Facilities

Location at port

Southern part (berths No. 129-140)

Length of quays/piers

900 meters (around 1.065 m in future)

Equipment of piers

Supply of electric power, fresh and technical water, compressed air and telephone connection.

Number of vessels accommodated simultaneously

up to 6 (up to 7 in future)

Maximum vessels’ draught at berths

up to 8,5 meters (up to 11.5 m in future)

Maximum vessels’ length at berths

up to 160 meters (up to 210 m in future)

Area of open storage sites

100.000 sq. meters (around 300.000 sq. meters in future)

Area of covered warehousing facilities

30.000 sq. meters (around 40.000 sq. meters in future)

Liquid cargo terminals

4 reservoirs: 1 unit of 4.000 cube meters, 1 unit of 5.000 cube meters and 2 units of 3.000 cube meters each.

Dry-bulk cargo terminal

20.000 tons

Customs bonded warehouse

E type

Railway connections

Own locomotives for shunting of wagons from railway station “Draugyste” up to the company’s handling areas.

Internal railway length

4.100 meters (around 5.500 meters in future)

Road connections

Main road to the highway Klaipeda – Vilnius is nearby.

Handling equipment

  • Mobile harbor crane LIEBHERR (104 t lifting capacity)
  • Gantry cranes (up to 30 t lifting capacity)
  • Floating crane (up to 100 t lifting capacity)
  • Fork-lifts (up to 16 t lifting capacity)
  • Hydraulic material handlers
  • Frontal wheel loaders
  • Terminal tractors
  • Caterpillar
  • Tracked tractors
  • Lifting platform KAMAG (250 t lifting capacity)

Weighting of cargo

Certified electronic railway and lorry scales

Number of employees


Management system certificates

ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 9001:2015
GMP+B3 2019