About the company

WESTERN STEVEDORING, established in 2003, is a constantly growing and developing enterprise in Klaipeda Seaport. Annual throughput capability of the stevedoring company currently exceeds 1.65 million tons. Dry-bulk, brake-bulk, liquid and packed products as well as heavy lift and project equipment form the range of cargoes that are handled and stored at Western Stevedoring. The company operates four specialized terminals for processing of dry-bulk, liquid and ash products; as from 2011 packaging of various products to bags, big-bags and staffing of ISO containers was introduced to the market. Western stevedoring also renders shunting of wagons with own locomotives, ships’ servicing and various services related to cargo processing.
Western Stevedoring belongs to a dynamic Western Shipyard group (www.wsy.lt), which incorporates 18 individual companies with main activities of shipbuilding, ship repair and conversion, metal construction and others. Western Shipyard group is a part of multi-profile BLRT Group (www.bsr.ee), which has strong long-term traditions since year of 1912 and continues to be one of the most successful concerns’ in Baltics.
History Facts
Year 2003.
- Establishment of Western Stevedoring. First cargoes: wooden pallets, various metal products and metal scrap.

Year 2006. 

- Acquisition of mobile harbor crane LIEBHERR with 64 tons lifting capacity.
- Obtained locomotive for shunting of railway wagons.

Year 2007.

- Launching of two specialized terminal for liquid and for dry-bulk products.
- Offered customs clearance services.

Year 2011/2012.

- Renewal of most handling machinery (hydraulic material handlers, frontal wheel loaders, terminal tractors ant etc.).
- Purchase of new lorry scales.
- Introduced Container Freight Station services and dry-bulk cargo packaging to bags and big-bags.
- Launched second liquid cargo terminal with railway trestle. 
- Built a new storage area, covered with concrete slabs.
- Launched hazardous ash terminal with ash accumulation tank and packing equipment.
- Handled more than 1 million of cargo.

Year 2013/2014.

- Loaded the first vessel in the port of Klaipeda with dangerous ash load.
- Joined the Lithuanian Stevedoring Companies Association (LJKKA).
- Unloaded the first vessel in the port of Klaipeda with liquid paraffin load.
- Modernized hazardous ash terminal.
- Development of the first liquid cargo terminal: built second reservoir for cargo accumulation.
- Fully loaded first "Handysize" type vessel.

Year 2015/2016.

- Development of a new railway line to a covered warehouse.
- Acquisition of mobile harbor crane LIEBHERR with 104 tons lifting capacity. 
Upcoming plans of development
- Renewal of handling equipment.
- Reconstruction of berths No. 139 and 140.
- Development of liquid and bulk cargo terminals